A Brief History Of The Tower Of London

The Tower of London has a fascinating history spanning nearly 1,000 years. It has served various purposes over the centuries – fortress, prison, royal palace, jewel house, mint, arsenal and place of execution. When work was begun by William the Conqueror in 1078, Londoners had never seen anything of the like before. He had stone specially imported from France to build the White Tower and its unique Norman style was quite outlandish to the locals. William saw the need to...

A Career At The Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Building a career at Hopkins Bayview offers you an opportunity to work for an institution that maintains one of the strongest and most trusted reputations in health care. Mission statement of Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center: • To deliver quality, patient-centered and service-oriented acute, long-term and preventive health care consistent with Hopkins’ standards of excellence in a cost-effective manner. • To function as an integral component of the Johns Hopkins ...

A Caribbean All Inclusive Resort On Antigua

Looking for an exclusive Caribbean Resort, and you want as short a flight as possible, and a quick transfer, then look no farther than the All Inclusive, and very exclusive Hermitage Bay which may well be considered a top Antigua Luxury Resort, and is situated on the west coast. Hermitage Bay is unquestionably a resort with a difference, with a rare combination of English style and tropical beauty. It consists of only 25 very secluded colonial cottage suites divided betwee...

A Brief History Of Chesterfield

Chesterfield started out as a Roman fort and was built approximately 70 AD. The Romans probably settled here because the area was extremely rich in natural minerals like tin, lead and coal. The Roman fort later was discovered to have also been built on an old iron-age fort. It is believed that by the early 2nd century the Romans had no longer a need for the fort and moved on leaving it abandoned. The town was later named by the Saxons. Their name for a Roman fort was caest...

A Brief Guide To Barcelona

Outside the city limits of Barcelona lie intriguing suburbs, a striking coastline and amazing mountains. All lie in wait for the intrepid visitor. Antonio Gaudi, the late famous architect, commissioned Parc Güell, a peculiar array of vibrant ceramic benches, large ornamental lizards, mosaics and pavilions of knotted stone. It is located behind the city and commands a great view of Barcelona. Initially constructed with a view to being a market, the 84 stone columns of th...

A Brief Guide to Steamboat Springs Restaurants

Never let it be said that mountain people don’t know how to cook. In Steamboat Springs , Colorado, restaurants offer a variety of freshly prepared, expertly cooked, quality foods that rival the restaurants in any major city. The city has more than 70 restaurants and bars and because of the western flair it’s a great place to sample elk, buffalo or Rocky Mountain oysters if that’s something you’ve always wanted to do. But don’t feel that mountain/western fare is all that’s available. Within a short walk from the center of town you’ll find Italian, Mexican, French, Japanese, Pacific Rim and other eclectic cuisine.

A brief guide to Andalucia, Spain

A brief guide to the beautiful region of Andalucia in Spain.

A Brief History Of Cyprus And Understanding The Culture

The History of Cyprus is certainly a very interesting one. Cyprus is one of the most popular tourist destinations within the Mediterranean. It is the third largest island within the Mediterranean and it started off as a former British Colony. Whilst over 2 million tourists flock there each year, hardly anybody knows the true history behind the country. By understanding the history it allows you to appreciate the way of life and the culture of Cyprus a whole lot more. How C...

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Aspen Colorado Golf

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