The ancient land of the Aztecs and site of the famous Mayan pyramids, Mexico is a city replete with many reminders of old civilizations even as it remains a modern developing nation with some of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. It is only probably here that you can find great stone temples and cathedrals with gothic spires pierce the sky, contrasting sharply with gleaming futuristic buildings and fully equipped, first class beach resorts.

When it comes to beaches, Mexico has plenty. After all, the country is surrounded by no less than four coasts the Sea of Cortes, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, and the Pacific Ocean ñ with most shorelines featuring great white sand beaches that stretch on for miles or quays fronting the blue waters of the coast, perfect for fishing and water sports. In fact, the beaches are the main attraction, though Mexico certainly has no shortage in other vacation getaway ideas, such as hiking, backpacking, and of course, Mexico spa vacation.

Nearly as famous as Mexico is beaches are Mexico spa vacation resorts. Really, what better way to spend a relaxing time on vacation than to stay at a place designed to help you pamper yourself. Whether you are in the market for mud baths, soothing massages, or exercise classes, a Mexico spa vacation has something to suit your fancy.

Think of a Mexico spa vacation as a nutritious five course meal. It has terrific taste and leaves you feeling content and satisfied. What is more, even after you leave, the effects stay with you for a long time. The reason? Instead of just treating your body, a Mexico spa vacation treats your entire person: mind, body, and spirit, resulting in long lasting health and good habits.

Below are our top picks when it comes to Mexico spa vacations.

Rio Caliente Natural Hot Sprints Treat

As a natural hot springs spa and retreat center, Rio Caliente presents an excellent Mexico spa vacation that is only 45 minutes from the international airport in Guadalajara, Mexico. The place is located near an ancient volcanic valley with forests and mountains all around, so as far as seclusion is concerned, you can have it right here. A Mexico spa vacation at the Rio Caliente means daily yoga, water exercise, awe inspiring sunsets, guided nature hikes, horseback excursions, massage, soaks in hot mineral water, beauty and anti aging treatments.

Paraiso de la Bonita Resort Rediscovering Ancient Therapy Technique

Located in Mexico is tourist magnet, Cancun, the Paraiso de la Bonita Resort is a 22,000 square foot Spa that is the first in Mexico to offer thalasso therapy. Thalasso is an ancient technique rediscovered by modern experts. Using freshly heated seawater and marine algae, this kind of therapy is said to encourage an exchange of minerals and vitamins for the rejuvenation of and curative benefit to the body.

Maroma Resort and Spa One of Cancun is Finest

Also located in Cancun, Mexico, the Maroma Resort and Spa is one of the best Mexico spa vacation resorts you can go to. Featuring a complete program of massage therapy, the resort also offers facials and body treatments that can be enjoyed right on your terrace, or in your room, or even in a private Palapa beach. When you go on a Mexico spa vacation at the Maroma, you have the chance to learn how to naturally rid your body of unwanted toxins and loosen some of your tense muscles.

A Mexico spa vacation is a great way to spend your precious time off from work and regular schedule. Not only are you able to enjoy being at an excitingly diverse place as Mexico, you will also have a chance to relax and just pamper yourself.


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