Acapulco is an unforgettable place that has witnessed the best weddings in the century; no other places have been blessed with so much romance. Ever passionate to the core, Acapulco has its legends rooted deeply in romance. These legends tell how Acapulco acquired its name from an old Indian tale in Nahoa. Two young lovers Acatl and Quiahuitl were barred from marrying each other by both of their families, who were powerful rival clans. They kept seeing each other until such time they were caught by both families. The union was cut, and the young man was imprisoned. So distraught, the young warrior Acatl weep until his tears melted his entire body, leaving a muddy pool that overflowed with reeds. (Which symbolizes youthfulness in some Indian epic; Reeds were often used for weaving so Indians have high regard for reeds). Quiahuitl on the other hand grieved over her loss until her sorrow transformed her into a small cloud that wandered the sky searching for the body of Acatl. So if ever you’re in Acapulco when it rains, Quiahuitl is grieving over the body of Acatl. Though Acapulco’s legend speaks of profound sorrow, its spirit symbolizes the opposite. Acapulco had witnessed grandeur of romances and weddings. It was here in La Quebrada where Elvis plunged the depths to win the heart of a girl. Hedy Lamarr with all her elegance made her promises on the altar. War of the World’s fame Orson Welles wooed Rita Hayworth while Frank Sinatra sang. Truly Acapulco is one unforgettable place that has witnessed the best unions in the century. The secret of the marriages made in Acapulco is magic. Be a part of these legendary unions by making Acapulco your wedding spot. No other places have been blessed with so much union than in Acapulco. Here are some of the best Acapulco wedding planners you might want to work with.


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