The weather is always one of the things we consider when visiting a place for the first time. If we’re on a vacation to see the beaches and lay under the sun to get that beautiful tan, we wouldn’t want to end up inside a hotel room moping because of severe rains and bad timing on the weather of the season to visit. And besides, you would also want to bring the right clothes on your travel to not be “overdressed” for the weather.

Acapulco is one of most visited places in the world. Not only does it have the most breathtaking views of its Acapulco bay, and natural physical beauty, but it also has the best weather for the beach, which is of course what the city is famous for. Playing in the beach all day under the sun, lying in perfect position to get the best tan you’ve been wanting, and of course the beauty of the water is at its best when the sun shines marvelously above it.

Acapulco weather is almost always sunny, humid, and hot that perfectly fits its unending daytime activities from various water sports to places to see. Acapulco weather during the dry season from November to April is about 86-90F or 30-32 C and is about 10 F cooler at night with moderate humidity. Acapulco weather during the rainy season from May to October is about 88-93 F or 31-34 C and high humidity with rains of about three times per week.

Acapulco weather is definitely one thing to consider when traveling on a certain season. For those wanting the sun and the beach, which is most often the case, they should travel to Acapulco during the dry season with great sunny, hot and humid Acapulco weather. Just be sure to bring the right clothes though when you go during this time, short –sleeve shirts and shorts are best for the day while short-sleeve shirts and jeans are for night time activities in bars as mostly they don’t allow the wearing of shorts. Bathing suit, and sandals for the beaches, while nice shoes for going out at night. Although Acapulco weather talks a lot when it comes to comfortable dressing, the sexy and exotic look for the ladies of short with tank tops, skirts, and short dresses, seems to go well everywhere particularly in discos.

Traveling to Acapulco in the rainy season applies to the same dress code more or less, as it’s not that cold when it rains in Acapulco, the only difference though is that you should not forget to pack a small umbrella if coming during the rainy season. Acapulco weather whether rainy or dry doesn’t actually affect what this lovely and bustling city has to offer, fun, thrill, natural beauty and endless partying.


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